• Katlyn Boone

What to Post on Instagram During Quarantine to Boost Engagement!

Updated: Apr 3

For those of us who find ourselves working from home with not much work to do, it can be hard to stay inspired on Instagram. I work in the wedding industry and since there are no weddings to shoot and edit, I felt like I had nothing to post. This is the best time to engage with your audience since everyone is online looking for something to distract them!

Focus on uplifting and heart warming content. Ask for your audience’s opinion on things. Create a home office and show a before and after picture. The possibilities are endless!

I put together a list for you to get inspired on what to post on your Instagram. You can do it in order if you want, or pick one that sounds fun to you each day. Post at least one story or feed post everyday to stay connected!

Here’s the complete list:

1. Introduce yourself! 2. Show your workspace 3. Feature other people’s work on your story 4. Share a blog post from your website 5. Share a behind the scenes photo or video 6. Share the story behind your brand or logo 7. Shoutout someone who inspires you 8. Show some past work and the story behind it 9. Share something you struggled with in your business 10. Good Friday, also National Siblings Day(April 10th) 11. Share reviews from clients 12. Promote your newsletter/email list 13. Promote your other networks, website, etc. 14. A favorite quote 15. Flat-lay of your equipment, or anything! 16. OOTD (outfit of the day) 17. This or That quiz (on stories) 18. Show a Before & After 19. Post a Throwback Thursday picture 20. Share your morning routine 21. Share a time management tip 22. Do an AMA (Ask me anything) 23. Create a Tutorial 24. Post 5 fun facts about yourself 25. Something you love about your job 26. Share a funny moment (personal or job) 27. Educate your audience about something related to your business 27. Favorite snack recently 28. Something new you’re doing during quarantine 29. Something you do to unwind 30. Something you are grateful for!

Make sure to use #QuarantineContentChallenge so I can see and like your posts!

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