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Wedding Videography at the Century, Modesto | Damian + Jennifer

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

It really was like a destination wedding for Damian and Jennifer. They chose Modesto because it was a good in-between for her family and his family. They even had friends from Sweden and Spain!

During the ceremony, they had the cutest flower girls! Lots of funny things tend to happen when kids are in the wedding, but these three sat there in the wagon and happily tossed petals down on the aisle. Then they amused themselves by dumping the basket of petals on themselves and throwing them up in the air while the ceremony went on.

Their little dog Brodie (who is a little instagram star:)) was the ring bearer! He also was very good and sat there quietly as they exchanged rings.

Damian and Jenn write:

We met the fall semester of 2010 at Sac State. I lived in an apartment style dorm above hers and apparently “walked heavy.” Eventually she got tired of it, so she came up stairs to quiet us. I wasn’t the first to answer the door but peaked out and saw this hot girl telling us to shut up. I initially thought she was being dramatic and went back to what I was doing. After that, I kept running into her on campus, at the gym and even elevator up to our floors. Delayed by the awkwardness of being part of her loud neighbor crew, I finally asked if she wanted to hangout. Well actually, she did by asking if she could watch the 2010 World Series with us one day when our door was open blaring the game! - Damian

We met in college at Sacramento State in the dorms. He lived above me and had really loud roommates. I went to tell them to be quiet and saw this gorgeous man. The rest is history! Well kinda, I knew he would but mine in the end but Damian decided to take the long route. - Jenn

As we began to know each other I began to fall in love with her passion and ability to make those around her radiate. She’d always have a smile even while exhausted from working a full time job / student. I knew she was something special when I first met her but never imagined the beautiful soul I’d be falling in love with. - Damian

I fell in love with him early on. I just knew. - Jenn

We became engaged in Cabo San Lucas. I had secretly called some of her girlfriends from home to meet us there with out Jenn knowing. I told Jenn we’d be taking pictures down near the water the first day. Meanwhile we were trying to avoid them the first night since we were staying at the same resort! Finally we headed for “pictures” and as I asked her to marry me, her friends came out to surprise her. -Damian

We got engaged in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was a surprise to me and Damian even had my friends come to witness. He told me we would be taking "family pictures" and we went down to the beach and he proposed. - Jenn

Watch their story here:

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Photographer | Bear Beau,

Venue Name | The Century,

Wedding Planner | The Century,

Dress Company | Bride to Be Couture,

Makeup Artist | Alexa Dias,

DJ | DJ Fuentes,

Officiant | Jeremy Moore,

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