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Rainy, Yet Beautiful Wedding in Snelling, CA | Steven + Merissa

When you learn the week before your wedding that it's going to rain, don't panic and go with the flow! Steven and Merissa knew it was still going to be their happiest day ever and it really was so full of joy and beauty!

Merissa had to get an outdoor tent plan last minute and it all came together. She said that day was more than she would have imagined for her wedding and she felt so loved.

They got married on their beautiful property in Snelling. Drone shots were very important to them and we were able to get some before it began pouring.

Merissa writes about her love story:

"We met when I was 18 years old and dated briefly. After not seeing each other for over 7 years I walked into my shift and there he was sitting at my bar top. And here we are today with a beautiful daughter, amazing property and about to get married.

"We liked to go for drives together, talking and listening to music. He liked to take me down old dirt roads where we would lay out and just look at the stars.

"We went to Murphy’s to go wine tasting for our anniversary. And while we were wine tasting he asked me to marry him."

Watch their story:

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