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Poppy Ridge Golf Course Wedding Videography | Jose + Elisa

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Elissa writes: Jose and I met for the first time about ten years ago. At the time, I was on the church worship team with my siblings, pastor David, and his wife Victoria. We would sometimes play at other churches and events. On one occasion, we were invited to Church of the Nazarene in Castro Valley. That was the first time I ever saw Jose. He was on the worship team at that church. After that event, pastor David invited Jose to play keyboard with us on a couple of other occasions. He was always very quiet and kept to himself. We didn’t really talk. After a few events, he wasn’t able to continue playing with us because he was helping at other churches. I finished high school and went off to college. I even went on to get my teaching credential before I would see Jose again.

It wasn’t until 2014, six or seven years later, that Jose and his family started coming to our church on a permanent basis. At first, I didn’t recognize him. Until my brother said “remember that kid that use to play keyboard with us?”. Of course he looked different now. Even then, we didn’t really talk a lot. He and his brother became part of our youth group and we all started hanging out. The first conversation I remember having with him was one day after church. We were sitting outside and he said something like “nice car”. So we started talking about cars. Cars we liked, dream cars, pros and cons about different cars. From then on we would talk every Sunday or every time there was a church event. We’d go out to eat, the movies, church events. We became really good friends.

As time went on, we realized we started having feelings for each other. It was so easy to talk with him and I always felt I could be myself around him. I was hesitant at first to allow myself to begin a relationship. Mostly because I didn’t want to lose his friendship if it didn’t work out. So I didn’t say yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend at first. He waited for my answer for about three or four months. In September of 2015, we took a church camping trip with pastor David and his church.

On September 19, 2015 as we were out by the lake I said “yes” to starting a new relationship with Jose. That evening we sat by the lake’s shore and watched the sunset together. I remember crying because I was so happy as we watched the stars together. Fast forward to 2018, and here we are now! Engaged and ready to begin this new chapter in our lives. We have had had ups and downs these last three years. The lows have taught us lessons and made us stronger. The highs have given us many beautiful and happy memories.

Jose writes: We met long time ago, but yeah we didn’t talk. I mostly talked to her brother David. We met at a church with pastor David S. We played together on the worship team. It was a great time. As time went by, I left and played in many churches. Elissa and I didn’t really know each other until I came back in 2014 to her church. I didn’t really know anybody at her church, just her brother. So I was just with him most of the time.

A couple of weeks later, she was sitting at a table. I approached her and just started a conversation about her car that she had just bought. From that day forward we became good friends. As we got closer and closer, I started to realize that I had feelings for her. We would go on small dates, of course with her sisters and my brother, but we didn’t mind. We only cared about spending time together and having fun on our dates. It took time and effort to build this wonderful relationship. I was confident that I wanted her to be the one. So, I popped the question “Will you be my girlfriend?” She didn’t give me an answer until a day after my birthday, but it was worth the wait! We have been dating for 3 years and I have to say she’s the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. She’s my and forever will be my Queen!

Furthermore, I am so glad I asked her the next question “WILL YOU MARRY ME”?... She looked at me with the biggest smile. I will never forget that beautiful smile that came across her face. She had tears coming down her face and I was so anxious to get a response. Finally, she said “Yes”! I was so happy she was incredibly happy and now we are here waiting for this very special day to go into our next chapter in life. God has blessed me with such a beautiful, smart, and patient woman that loves God more than me.

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Photographer: @deniseapgarphoto // Venue: @poppyridgegc // Floral Design: @bingsdesign // Videography: @katlyn.boone // HMUA: @jirehartistry // Wedding Dress: @morileeofficial from @elegantlacebridal_sanjose // Groom's Suit: @macys // DJ: @kecho_g // Cake: @cakedelight // Caterer: @cpoppyridgegc  // Photo Booth: @theonlyfonzy with AE Media Pro

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