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3 Timeless Ways to Share your Handwritten Letters on the Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Your wedding day goes by so fast & all the things that you remember it by will so precious once the event is over! Writing a letter to your partner the night before or the morning of the big day is a special way to remember how you felt during the exciting and nerve-racking hours before you walk down the aisle.

"Penning a private letter to your fiancé(e) for your big day is a sweet, intimate way of reminding them – after all the hectic planning and organization – that you can’t wait to marry them. Some couples exchange letters they’ve written to each other weeks, even months in advance. Others wait until the night before, when the emotions are strongest, to compose their love notes. A number of sweethearts open their loved one’s message first thing in the morning, while others wait for other significant parts of the day, such as just after they’re done getting ready or in the final moments leading up to their walk down the aisle. No matter the timing, it provides the nearly newlyweds with a quick escape from the chaos of the day to reflect on their love and commitment to one another." -InsideWeddingIdeas


Number One. "Traditional"

For those of you who want to keep it traditional and not see each other till the ceremony, the best time to read your letter is right after your dress is on and you're waiting to walk down the aisle. The contents of the letter will be fresh in your mind when you are walking down, looking into the eyes of the love of your life!

A tip for the letter: a tiny spritz of your signature scent is a thoughtful way to add your "presence" to your note:)

Number Two. "First Reading"

If you don't want to see each other yet, but you still want an experience like the "first look", you could stand on either side of the door and hold hands while reading your letter to each other. There's lots of fun ways to be with each other for a few moments before the ceremony without seeing each other. Be creative & find a fun spot at your venue!

Number Three. "First Look"

During first look, have someone (maybe the photographer) hold your letters for you when you see each other and then read your letter one at a time. Don't forget to have a tissue ready:)


When should you write your letter?

There are pros and cons to writing it the morning of the wedding. The good thing is that the emotions are high and the letter will be fresh from your heart!

The downside is that you might get pressed for time that morning and have to skip it. Another good time to write your letter is the night before the wedding!


Though having the letter to read after the wedding is so important, you'll miss out if you don't get to hear you & your spouse reading it on the wedding day! Wedding Videography will capture that. Click here to check our availability & pricing.

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