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Reinstein Ranch, Livermore | Wedding Videography | Thomas & Alyssa

It was a hot day in July, but there was a gentle breeze and plenty of shade which made it a beautiful day for a country wedding. With the setting of golden hills, Thomas & Alyssa walked down the aisle together and said their vows. They have been together since 10-10-10, an easy date to remember, and Thomas said it was all good times. "I also would like to thank Alyssa for being here today," laughed he when giving a toast, "we've shared a lot of good times together. I'll never forget all the things you've taught me."

Something special that happened during the reception was a Hawaiian dance preformed by the bride and some from her dance class years ago.

Their love story in their own words is this:

Thomas asked Alyssa's friend and old roommate who still lived in Santa Cruz to ask Alyssa to come down for the weekend to visit. Alyssa and Thomas went to Santa Cruz for the weekend under the ruse of seeing friends; on our way into town we stopped at our favorite breakfast spot and stopped by an outlook on West Cliff where we used to go a lot when we lived in Santa Cruz.

When we got down to the cliff, there was a guitar laying on the rocks. Thomas picked it up and told Alyssa he was going to "serenade" her (Alyssa didn't take him seriously since he doesn't play guitar, she assumed someone had left it down there and would be back for it).

Thomas started playing (and singing) a real song, "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Phillip Phillips, and after asked Alyssa to marry him. Turns out, Thomas had spent the last 4 months teaching himself how to play guitar in secret, had a friend plant the guitar there before we arrived, and also had someone hiding and capturing the engagement on camera. It was perfect :)

Teaser Film:

Video by: Katlyn Boone

Photography by: Alena

Venue: Reinstien Ranch


Montana (The Seasons)

Like a Song (Emorie)


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