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Pageo Lavender Farm Wedding Videography | Donald & Viviana

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Photography by the amazing UVVisions!

Every moment of this wedding was so sweet! They describe their relationship as Playful, Affectionate, God-Centered, and truly it is!

Something that really stood out to me about their day was the ceremony. I found myself smiling along with everyone else. They were so joyful. "Can you smile any bigger?" the officiant laughed. They wrote their own vows and it was so beautiful to hear. After giving their vows to each other, Viviana did something very special, she gave vows to Donald's two adorable children. She gave them pinky promises and told them, "You'll understand this later." (hint: a good reason to have a wedding film!)

Viviana wrote out her love story this way:

I was working at my job and Donald volunteered his time mentoring kiddos. We got to know each other little by little and eventually went out as friends. That quickly changed;)

Donald convinced me “to plan” a day to Winter Wonderland on New Years Day with my family. What I didn’t know was that everyone was in on it and my closest friends were there hiding too! We walked and he lead me to the front of a castle where my dad offered to take a picture of my mom and I. As I am taking the picture, Donald called my name. I turned around and he was on one knee! My family saw it all and my friends jumped out from behind trash cans where they saw it all! Perfect way to start our fairytale!

Teaser Film Below



Photographers: Jorge + UV at uvVisions Photography -

Venue: Pageo Lavender Farm - FB: IG: @pageolavenderfarm

Decorator + Coordinator: Becca with Pageo Lavender Farm

Hair: Kaelin Smith

FB: IG: @hairandmakeupbykaelin

Florist: Linda with The Flowery

FB: IG: @thefloweryafloralboutique

Videography: Katlyn Boone Cinematography - FB: IG: @katlyn.boone

Catering: Shauna Petersen with Mustard Seed Catering - FB:

Cake: Nothin Bundt Cakes FB: IG: @nothingbundtcakes


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