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5 Tips for taking Beautiful Photos in Almond Blossoms

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Now is the peak of almond blossoms. They are all fully bloomed and the ground is beginning to get a white carpet. I take photos in the almond orchard almost every year, sometimes with siblings & sometimes with friends.

I noticed that while looking through Pinterest after searching 'almond blossom photos', there wasn't a whole lot of inspiration. So I'm creating my own pin & hopefully, it will give some ideas to spark your creativity while taking blossom photos this year. I am including some photos from other years, such as last year when it rained!

The weather yesterday when we took the photos was cold and windy. Other photos are from years that it was warm and sunny! Good ol' spring!;)

The camera I am using is a Sony A6300, or A7iii but a smartphone should do a decent job. The key is to take the photos at sunset, about 4:45 PST for us. The light is soft and flattering.

White dresses look really nice in these kinds of photos, but contrasting colors like red would be really nice as well.

Tip #1 Embrace the elements.

Wind? Get some flowy dresses, or have a loose hairstyle. Rain? Put a plastic bag around your camera & use umbrellas. Clear umbrellas can look really cool! Sun? Get that backlight.

To get backlight during the golden hour (around the time that the sun is setting), have your subject face away from the sun and take the photo from a lower angle. You may have to adjust your position to have the light as you like it. The other cool thing that often happens is a lens flare. Embrace these.

Tip #2 Wear Either Contrasting or Matching Colors.

I've worn white in all of the photoshoots over the years. It gives the photos a very soft look. But if you want your photos to stand out a be a little bolder, contrasting color like red would look beautiful.

Tip #3 Let your poses be natural.

Generally, I don't like posey poses anyway, but especially when in nature. It is easier to direct your subject to be themselves and pose naturally when they have something to do. I brought a book for this photoshoot, & I have also used a white blanket, umbrella, and even my car.

Tip #4 Take wide shots from a lower angle.

Make sure you are getting those almond blossoms in your shot! Sometimes it's tricky when the blossoms are mostly at the top of the trees, but keeping a slightly lower angle helps balance that branches to trunk ratio.

Tip #5 Shoot Through the trees.

I love how it looks when there are foreground and background in a portrait. It gives it a lot of depth and it's interesting to look at. Find a spot where you can stand between the branches and take the photo so blossoms are in the foreground to frame your shot. Bonus if you are using a wide aperture!

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment and let me know your results and the things you've learned.


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